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Our Services

In Town Walks

The in town walks are in residential areas, which are usually busy with cars and foot traffic. While walking through town I work on leash manners and different commands such as leave it. Being in town there are things on the ground every now and then that a dog really should not get a hold of, having leave it as a command your dog knows could save his/her life.
If your dog has a behavioral condition, time will be made to go on a walk alone to ensure your dog and others dogs are safe.

In Town Walk Prices







If you are a family with multiple dogs, for each additional dog it costs $5 extra.


Trail Walks

I enjoy spending time out on local trails, I have been trail walking with dogs for many years. With the uneven terrain and new smells, dogs always enjoy themselves and come home tired.

For trail walks the dogs *must* have their own harnesses (for safety purposes) as the dogs are run on long lines that I provide. They must also have tags on them with their name and a phone number that you can be reached at.

Trail Walk Prices






If you are a family with two dogs, for each additional dog it costs $8 extra.


Home Visits

With home visits I can help you with your daily animals tasks such as letting the dogs out for a pee break and spending time playing in the yard or other tasks like cleaning the cats litter.
For home visits I like to determine the tasks that need to be completed with you before we set a fee as some visits are quick 20 minute pee breaks and other visits could be longer with crate cleaning, socialization and feeding.

Home Visit Prices





(Home visit times are discussed and decided on with you.)


Yard Clean Up

I now provide poop clean up, I will come in and clean up all the poop in your yard and dispose of it so that you do not need to.

Yard Clean Up Prices





Ask about weekly/bi-weekly appointments.

Nail Trim

Does your dog  or cat fidget a lot when you are trying to trim there nails? I can come to your house and take care of your dog or cats nails.

Nail Trim Prices





We now offer nail trims for all your small animals as well! 

*If your dog typically becomes anxious or aggressive while having nails trimmed please let me know and we can work together to find a solution that will be best for the dog as well as ourselves.