Our Services

In Town Walks

We specialize in two types of group walks; Group Socialization and Private.

Our Private walks are great for dogs that are older or unable to walk as long/fast as younger dogs. Private walks are also ideal for client dogs that require leash and obedience training. If clients are working with their dogs on reactivity or leash related manners, we are here to help. With our experience we use our walking visits to help with the progress of your training to ensure that the client gets to their end result.

Our group walks are great for dogs who have done training with leash manners and enjoy socializing with a variety of other dogs. Group walks are a great way to tire out client dogs both physically and mentally. Group walking means that some dogs do require being picked up and taxied to one location and all these walks take place in residential areas.

Home Visits

Our Home Visits are offered to clients in place of walks when it is not safe to have dogs out on a walk for more than 5-10 minutes. It is also a great service for clients with senior dogs that are unable to do a full walk or for a dog that has recently had surgery and is required to be on crate rest.

Our Home visits consist of a backyard washroom break or 5-10 minute walk and the rest of the time is spent indoors. During the indoor portion of a Home Visit, we offer a number of fun mentally engaging games and training exercises to help stimulate the client dogs.

We also offer Medication Administration for animals that require it while in our care. A proper form must be filled out prior to visit for medication to be given.

Cat Care 
Small Animal Care

During our Cat Visits we take care of daily feeding and litter box cleaning.
We also socialize with our clients cats, play with them and if they require we also brush out our client cats while visiting. 

For small animals we offer cage/tank cleaning, daily feeding, as well as any other daily tasks & care that are required.

We also offer Medication Administration for animals that require it while in our care. A proper form must be filled out prior to visit for medication to be given

Trail Runs

Trail runs are a great way for dogs to burn extra energy. It allows them to run more freely while also socializing with other dogs.

All dogs are required to have their own harness on a trail run as they are each equipped with a long line for their safety in the event of an emergency situation.

Trail runs take place in heavily wooded areas where there is much less chance to run into other people or other dogs. They are great for younger dogs or higher energy dogs.

Puppy Visits

Bringing home a new puppy or adult rescue can be exciting, but it can also be stressful knowing that your new dog is home alone while you are at work. Our Puppy Visits are a great way to help break up the time that a new dog is home alone.

We set up multiple 30-minute visits to come in, take the clients dog out for a washroom break, work on leash manners during a short walk and take time to do any cleaning, feeding or other dog related tasks that are required. We also help with any training that the client is currently working on during out visits.

Private Lessons

Do you and your dog require a extra help to work on their leash skills or manners in the home? Do you have a dog reactive dog, so you are unable to attend training in a class sessions?

We now offer private training lessons for you and your dog. When setting up training plans We set up in home meet and greets/connect via email or phone call to go over the plans we will put in place to help you and your dogs end training goal.

Please be advised that we are not a dog behaviorist, we are a dog trainer. For referrals on great canine behaviorists in our area please feel free to message us directly.

Training Classes

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering Training classes along side Q.T. Aussies Lindsey Logan.
At this time we are preparing a Puppy One & Two class as well as a Basic One Class.  These classes will be held at Raw4dogs Canine Athletic Centre in Elmvale. 


Lindsey and I are excited to bring our training knowledge and experience together to create three amazing, well rounded classes to help give you and your dogs the skills needed to tackle day-day activities. 

For Information on any upcoming classes and prices please feel free to email us or contact us through the form on our website.