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Like many people in the dog world I collect resources, a lot of resources.
When I can, I like to share resources with others that are stepping into the world of all things dog.

On this page I have included resources from a trainer I love to learn from, Dr. Ian Dunbar. 
As a man that has dedicated his life to learning about dogs and sharing his knowledge about dogs, he has given dog trainers and pet service workers permission to share these resources with the public.

Below are a number of different resources, which include information for when you are looking to get a puppy and training tips. I hope that you enjoy these resources as much as I have. 

If you are looking for information that you do not see below please feel free to contact me.

Before & After You Get Your Puppy Books

Below you will find two PDF File Books, one is titled Before You Get Your Puppy and the other is titled After You Get Your Puppy.
These two books will help you prepare for your future puppy and the second will help you with raising your new furry baby.


Before You Get Your Puppy

After You Get Your Puppy

Behavior Blueprints

These PDF's are here to help with any training you are working on.

Puppy Biting

Walking On Leash

Fear Of People

Fighting With Dogs

Cat Manners

Home Alone

Destructive Chewing

Dogs & Children

Puppy Training

Digging Problems

New Adult Dog


Excessive Barking

House Training