Breeder Services

A Breeders life can be extremely busy, caring for the kennel, taking care of office work and so many other tasks.

We are here to help, offering a number of services that will give you more time to care for your other obligations.

Ultrasound Visit


Have you recently bred one of your females and need to get her into the vet for an Ultrasounds to confirm her pregnancy and litter size?
We can take your female to her appointment for you, take photos and record any information from the vet that you will need.

Breeders are responsible for covering the vet costs.

Vet Appointments

Puppies are ready to go into the vet for their shots, get their microchips put in and to have their eyes checked.

We now offer taxi service to the vet so that you can focus on the other many responsibilities that breeders have on a daily basis.
We will take note of any information that needs to be passed on from the vet and take lots of photos to keep you up to date on how your puppies are doing. 

Prices of each visit differs from the type of visit to the size of litter that needs to be transported.

Airport Transportation

As many breeders know now and then you have someone purchase a puppy that lives in a different province or country. 

We offer transportation service from the breeders location to the airport. 
If the flight is in the morning which requires an extremely early pick up we also offer overnight care to the puppy.

For an extra cost we will also purchase an airline approved kennel and set it up to be ready for their flight.