Response Measures

On this page we will post news and updates regarding our business and day to day changes to ensure our safety and the safety of all our clients.

For the health and safety of our clients, their families and ours as well, we will be utilizing a new set of policies and procedures aimed at preventing any spread of COVID19. We kindly ask that as it pertains to each client, you please follow the new policies and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.⠀

New Policies and Procedures - COVID-19 Response Measures

● If you are sick, experiencing any symptoms related to COVID19, have come into contact with anyone that is ill or has symptoms, please notify us immediately.

● Please leave any in-home items needed for our visits by the entrance. We also ask that if possible clients leave out an extra bowl of water. This will limit the amount of contact we have with surfaces/objects in the clients home.⠀

● Masks and shoe covers will be worn while in clients home⠀

● All items & surfaces that are touched while we are in the clients home will be cleaned

● Until further notice we will not be offering group walks or transportation. This will help keep the potential risk of cross-contamination down⠀

● We will be using our own leashes/harnesses where possiband all items will be cleaned before and after visits.⠀

● On wet/rainy days we will use our own towels. Towels will not be used on more than one pet.⠀

● We are working to be as contact free through pick up and drop off as much as possible. If a client is home and still requiring care we need to be notified. We will contact the client when we are leaving our previous walk to let them know we are on our way and our ETA. We ask that when possible the client place their dog in a secure back yard, on a long line tie, in a closed off entry way or a secure part of the home near the entrance and away from the office/workspace the client is using. ⠀

● Clients with higher risk jobs, like doctors and nurses (who have a higher potential of contact with COVID19) will be seen last when possible. ⠀

● We are still providing meet and greets for new/potential clients. These appointments will be done via Video Call or in a secure yard where we can still safely social distance